Judy Cole Garden Design
Bruton, Somerset

Judy Cole Garden Design

Transforming small places, large places, difficult places, odd spaces
playful places, soulful spaces,
hidden places,
cultivated wild spaces,
family places, places for plants,
a space for reflection,
places to gaze at the sky, to sleep, to muse, to converse.
to imagine,
to be.
in your garden.

My inspiration comes from being in the natural landscape as we know it today, and of the wild places and sacred landscapes we have inherited. The experience of being outside is fundamental for our health and equilibrium, being in a garden is one of the few places where we can daily rest from the stress of our lives and reconnect with nature.

Spirit of Place

Each space in a garden has its unique feeling and atmosphere, Sensitivity to the sense of place and sympathetic planting brings places to life. Sometimes its the small changes, a simple tweak, by removing a bush, cutting something back, putting a tree in the right place can create the subtle beauty by introducing light, air, space, and possibilities, can rejuvenate without the need for enormous changes or cost.

Harmonious Gardens

Even something alive and natural can be feel dead. Rejuvenating harmony comes by understanding the balance in a garden, the proportions of space and how you use and move through the space. The changing dynamics throughout the seasons are so important, getting the balance right, visually, cognitively, creating an unseen rhythm that is felt as well as seen.

Design Advice Sessions

Even a couple of hours consultation can help you with ideas of shaping or finding suitable plants for your garden. Please email or phone on 07954 058306 for more information

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