Made in Bruton - Behind the Scenes

by Forgotten Bee

Made in Bruton - Behind the Scenes

In search of a challenge and turning her hand to something new, just over a year ago Fiona Runacre came up with the idea for 'Made in Bruton'. This was after initially toying with the notion of running a shop or cafe. When no opportunities arose, it became necessary for Fiona to think out of the box. She began considering the possibilities of combining local talented creatives, and bringing all their crafts together under one umbrella 'Made in Bruton', thus enabling customers access to purchase the products more readily than a once a month craft fair. She really believed she had hit on a unique idea but quickly discovered during her research that 'Made in Stroud' in Gloucestershire were already in existence. They became a real help and support and someone she was able to regularly consult in the beginning when setting up.

The next stage was to find a suitable premises to host the 'pop up' shop. Fortunately at the time 'The Blue Ball' a former public house in Bruton had begun to make considerable renovations, and started looking like a perfect potential venue. Fiona approached the owners to discuss her ideas and to gauge their interest in her new enterprise, of which they were very supportive. During the Bruton Packhorse Fair held in 2014, Fiona had visited the many different creative stalls and had collected cards from the ones she particularly liked. So everything appeared to be coming together nicely, however, it was at this moment that Fiona was offered a part time job as a PA, so the “Made in Bruton" plans were put on hold. Six months later however, with a renewed drive Fiona revisited the idea of the 'pop up' shop. She arranged a meeting with the owners of The Blue Ball for a second time. Now armed with a business plan outlining her ideas, and containing images demonstrating how her proposal would appeal visually and contribute to the community of Bruton, the owners of The Blue Ball, despite being approached by others, were suitably impressed and decided to go with Fiona and her business plan.

Running her own retail business is a first for Fiona, whose background is in music publishing, song writing and being a singer and musician in a band. “So far it is doing really well, there has been a great footfall to the shop, and a lot more interest from new crafts people wishing to be involved."

Fiona has some great plans for the future of 'Made in Bruton' to include workshops, meet the maker events, to possibly setting up an online shop. She has already been given an extension of an extra two weeks, then she will decide what will be the best way to grow her exciting new venture.

Localeyez wish her all the best with 'Made In Bruton'.

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