Bruton Museum Talk - From A to B via Sea

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Bruton Museum Talk - From A to B via Sea

Coming to the Bruton Museum, *Thursday February 27 at 7.30pm*

Jon Pritchard works in Research and Development for the United Kingdom Hydrographic Office. The Hydrographic Office produces “charts”, maps of the sea, guiding shipping around the world. The Hydrographic Office was established in 1795 when the British Navy was losing more lives to poor navigation than war. Soon the charts they produced were being used by the global shipping business as well as the Royal Navy. Currently 85% of goods are transported via ships and carriage of up to date charts has been an international legal requirement since the sinking of the Titanic in 1912 .

Jon will explore the history of human civilization’s attempts to understand the shape of the world and how to measure accurately the distance between places.

*Tickets: £3*

!/perch/resources/jon-pritchard-talk-feb2014-poster-.jpg(From A to B via Sea - A Bruton Museum Talk by Jon Pritchard)!

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