Bruton School for Girls Art Exhibition

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Bruton School for Girls Art Exhibition

As part of Somerset Arts Week, "Bruton School for Girls": is holding an art exhibition to showcase the artwork created by its talented students under the guidance of _Brian Wyatt_ and _Jess Latrobe Bateman_.

The Bruton School for Girls Art Exhibition is open to the public from the *21st September until the 5th October* and includes an inspiring selection of drawings, paintings, photography, textiles and mixed media. The exhibition also includes artwork of former pupils, _Emma Watts_, _Jane Riley_, _Jody Myerscough-Walker_ & _Tallulah Pomeroy_, who have since gone on to become established artists.

Bruton School for Girls is an independent school for girls, attracting pupils from all over the world. Art teaching at Bruton School for Girls not only aims to develop traditional fine art drawing and painting skills, but also encourages the imaginative and experimental use of a wide range of processes and media-textiles, printing, mixed media and photography.

Localeyez’s Phil Simpson, visited the exhibition and was very impressed with the exceptionally high standard and variation of artwork on display. Well worth a visit if you’re in Bruton!

!/perch/resources/bruton-school-for-girls-art-exhibition-.jpg! Bruton School, Sunny Hill, Bruton, Somerset, BA10 0NT t: 01749 814 400 e: "" w: "":

Open Monday to Friday, 11am - 5pm. Saturday 28th September 11am - 4pm

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