The Bruton Christmas Evening 2014 in Pictures

15th December 2014 | Photographs by Ben Taylor

Bruton enjoyed another festive and enjoyable Bruton Christmas Evening on Wednesday 10th December 2014. A big thank you to all the local Bruton businesses, stall holders and many visitors who made it such an entertaining and fun evening. Special thanks should also go to the Bruton Chamber of Commerce for all their hard work and planning to make this year's event so successful.

Localeyez photographer Ben Taylor was out once again capturing the sights, scents and sounds of this truly magical evening. Make sure you don't miss the image gallery slider at the bottom of this feature, which contains further images. Enjoy!

Turning on the Lights

Bruton Christmas Evening 2014
Photographed by Ben Taylor

The Arrival of Father Christmas

Bruton Christmas Evening 2014
(Photographed by Ben Taylor)

Bruton Christmas Evening Gallery